The Magic of Yellow Sandstone in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer city in Rajasthan crowned as the ‘Golden City’ is undoubtedly suited for the award bestowed on it. The reason is easy to guess; the magnificent aerial view of the city from Jaisalmer fort and Maharajas Palace at first glance will dazzle a tourist. It will look like a thousand jewels are sparkling at a distance and the glittering glow comes from the material most of the houses and the fort itself in Jaisalmer is created from. Yellow sandstone and limestone; which are both natural compounds are found in abundance in and around Jaisalmer and hence makes the city famous for its’ wide utility of these materials.

Yellow Sandstone of Jaisalmer

Such is the demand and glamour of this stone that polished yellow slabs cut out from this material are used to construct buildings, architectures, monuments and also used as floor tiles in hospitals, shopping malls, airports, residential buildings, parks and railway stations . The fine grained stone imparts a yellowish colour roughly resembling gold and hence the name golden stone aka yellow sandstone and limestone. It is extremely hard in texture and water resistant; thus preventing water seepage and ensures durability. This stone is widely exported worldwide for its golden glaze and texture.

The only treasure in Jaisalmer to carry back for tourists as souvenirs that represents the true essence of Jaisalmer is its yellow sandstone and limestone products. Bowls, cups, saucers, glass, plates and jewellery crafted from this stone is exquisite and found only in the golden city. The price starts from 75 Indian Rupees and rises according to the material and craftsmanship. These are excellent souvenirs and great to gift others as mementos which will remind one of Jaisalmer and its history. So much so that the great film director Satyajit Ray not only spun out a detective story based on the famous Golden Fort of Jaisalmer (Sonar Kella) but he also made the protagonist discover the culprits’ location based on a glance at the yellow sandstone bowl his friend bought.

Yellow Sandstone of Jaisalmer

It is best to buy yellow sandstone and limestone products from Rajasthan Handloom stores run by Rajasthan Government like Rajasthali and so on as tourists will get variety and genuine products without the need to bargain. For those who prefer to look around and buy these splendid golden stone products can also roam across the markets of Jaisalmer –the World Heritage site. It will feel like a tourist is taking back a piece of the golden fort which stands strong even after centuries due to the stone foundation- aka yellow sandstone of which its made of.
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