Sports and Adventure Activites in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer’s strategic position has a huge influence on its sports and outdoor activities. The scorching heat makes any kind of sport a little more difficult in this desert city. However, as Jaisalmer is primarily a tourist attraction, the region’s sports activities revolve around adventurous sports that also form part of its tourism.

One very famous local sport is the camel race in Jaisalmer, but that too has emerged as one of the key tourist attractions. Though the city’s position and weather does not allow its locals to imbibe common sports activities, it has developed some unique outdoor sports activities that contribute in a large way towards Jaisalmer’s tourism revenue.

Major Adventure and Sports Activities Conducted in Jaisalmer

Desert Camping

Camping is one of the most common sports all over the world but in Jasialmer it comes with a twist. Camping in the deserts is one the most exciting and adventurous experiences you will ever have and Jiasalmer will make sure your desert camping memory stays with you forever. Desert camping during the festive season is the most preferred. Sleep under the sky in the expanse of the huge sand sea with the enchanting sounds of the ‘ghungroo’ and let the tunes of the ‘sarangi’ wish you good morning!

Camel Safari

Camel Safari during sunsetYou cannot explore Jaisalmer the way you can do it on a camel back. Camel safari, a popular extravaganza among tourists, shows you the desert in a completely different way strolling you through miles and miles of sand dunes, shrubs and thorny trees amidst the changing colors of the sunset over the horizon.

If your heart quenches for more after a day’s camel safari, take a break and stay the night in a desert camp, enjoy a starlit sky and a bonfire on a chilly desert night. Camel safaris are mostly organized during the winter months to avail the pleasant weather, so October to February would be best time to venture this adventure sport.

Jeep Safari

For the more adventurous souls, jeep safari will give you an unmatched experience while exploring Jaisalmer. Jeep is also considered the best option to traverse through a rocky and rough terrain like it is in Jaisalmer. Nevertheless, tourists might have to take abroad require permits to enter some areas. Thus, it is would be a wise idea to make arrangements for jeep safaris beforehand.

In order to experience the extremities of the Thar Desert, open jeep safari would be the best option, while winter would be the best time so as to avoid the scorching desert sun.

Hot Air Ballooning

Jaisalmer’s topography again makes it an ideal place for hot air ballooning. Fly above the golden city covering short distances like between hotels and towns in a hot air balloon. The duration of a ballooning flight will depend on the winds and temperature. The best time to go for ballooning is after the sun rises as the wind calms after that.

Adventure Sports in JaisalmerParagliding

Everything is royal about the Rajputs and so are their sports. Sky is the playground for them with paragliding one of the favorite aero sports in this desert region. The open countryside of the desert area, the strips and runways are one the most suitable sites for paragliding.

Camel Race

Jaisalmer is gradually emerging as one of the top destinations for desert sports with several locals organizing events such as camel races and soccer matches in the desert. The camel race held in Jasialmer’s Sam Sand Dunes is an annual event attended by locals, nearby villagers and tourists from India and abroad. 

Sporting activities in Jaisalmer

Horse Safari What better way tread the paths of Jaisalmer than the Rajputs themselves! Horse riding is one sport activity Rajputs imbibe in their children right after their births. Horse safari again is one of the most sought after adventure sports among locals as well as tourists. The sandy landscape and rocky hills of Jaisalmer sets a perfect terrain for horse safaris.
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