Shopping in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is another shopping haven in Rajasthan and your itinerary will remain incomplete if you do not spare yourself a few days for shopping. Yes, few days because you cannot cover all the markets in the city that will lure you towards them.

One will find ample traditional Rajasthani handicrafts across markets in Jaisalmer. It is particularly known for its mirror work, embroidery, stonework, antiques, blankets and rugs. There are hundreds of shops that sell these goods but it would be a wise for a tourist to venture government-run shops to save a little bucks.

A few notable things which visitors would not want to come back without collecting are the exquisitely wooden carved boxes and trinkets, tie and dye (Bandhni) cloth, which is another specialty of this region, and decorative items such as earthen lamps, tapestry and carpets, as well as hand-made puppets.

Shopping in Jaisalmer

Places to Shop in Jaisalmer

No matter which market or shop you go shopping in jaisalmer as a tourist, there are high chances of shopkeepers duping you with exorbitant prices. Therefore, before you set out to shop in Jaisalmer, make sure you put on your best bargaining cap to save a dent in your pocket.

Famous Marketplaces in Jaisalmer

Manak Chowk – This is one of the most famous shopping avenues in Jaisalmer offering a wide range of goods like jewelry, textiles, handicrafts, leather items and antiques. The shops in Manak Chow are small but will give u plenty shopping opportunities.

Bhatia Bazaar – This is probably the liveliest market in the entire city, overflowing with valuable collection of items such as silk textiles, cotton, tapestry, wallets, belts, oil lamps and carved wooden boxes. The best part about this market that is sure to shopping experience a happy one is that the shopkeepers are dressed in their traditional costumes.

Sardar Bazaar – A local and wholesale retail market, this is yet another popular shopping spot in Jaisalmer that not only offers traditional goods but also modern ones including puppets, woolen pattu, embroidery and lots more. Here too shopkeepers are dressed in their traditional attires. Even if you don’t shop in Sardar Bazaar, just take scroll around to get a real feel of Jaisalmer.

Sonaron Ka Baas – The literal translation being ‘abode of goldsmiths,’ Sonaron Ka Baas is the place to go if you want to dive in a pool of intricate jewelry, be it gold, silver, precious or semi-precious stones. The variety of jewelry available in this marketplace is unbelievable until you visit it.

Pansari Bazaar – This is Jaisalmer’s oldest marketplace and the most appropriate place to get the real tatse of the region. One will find an array of items here from local handicrafts to puppets and many more.

Shopping in Jaisalmer

Famous Shops in Jaisalmer

Rajasthali – One of the well known government-owned shops in Jaisalmer, Rajasthali is popular for its khadi items sold at reasonable prices.

Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan – As the name goes, this shop deals exclusively in Khadi items. One can find here handcrafted crouches and embroidered handbags apart from woven clothes, shawls and carpets. Other khadi shops in places that you will find similar items are Jaisalmer Handloom Handicrafts Industries, Gandhi Darshan Emporium and Zila Khadi Gramodan Parishad.

Light Of The East – Situated inside the Jaisalmer Fort, Light Of The East is famous for offering rare and semi-precious stones, various kinds of crystals as well as other mineral specimens.

Others – A few other prominent shops in Jaisalmer are Rangoli, Hari Om Jewelers, Killa Boutique and Kanu Swami.


Locally manufactured handicrafts are something you should buy if you want to carry back some authentic stuff from this desert city. Some items that can be included in your list are antique textiles, tribal attires, wall hangings, colorful textiles in beads and mirror work, bed covers, cushion covers and curtains. Shops you can hit to purchase these items are Shri Nath Handicraft House, Desert Handicraft Emporium and Jai Shankar Handicrafts.

Local Art in Jaisalmer

Miniature Art
If you are more of the artistic kinds then do buy some traditional paintings for yourself or your near and dear ones. There are numerous shops in Jaisalmer that sell local arts and Rajasthani miniature paintings such as Jaisalmer Art Palace, Maasa Miniature Art and Basant Art Emporium.

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