Lifestyle In Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is one of the very few cities in India that has successfully held on to its roots to quite an extent despite the extensive influence of the western culture on the rest of the country. Though it would be wrong to say Jaisalmer is completely traditional in every way, it is true that the city’s tradition is its identity. However, the changing times has cast a huge influence on the lifestyles of Jaisalmer’s people that is very evident with more and more gyms, fitness centers and spas making a big place across the city.

Another important aspect that cannot be ruled out here is the influx of thousands of tourists in Jaisalmer every year with a variety of cultural backgrounds and lifestyles. Since Jaisalmer is primarily a tourist destination with a majority of its revenue coming in from tourism, the city has adopted much of the western culture to cater to the needs of different kinds of people from around the globe.

Lifestyle in Jaisalmer

Traditional Lifestyle of Jaisalmer

The traditional lifestyle of the people of Jasialmer cannot be rooted out of their systems as a majority of the population still lives in rural areas. People living in villages still follow the customary lifestyle of the yesteryear with men going out to work and women taking care of the household. They lead a simple lifestyle with the least influence of the western culture on their lifestyles. Their attire too remains traditional including ghaghra cholis and pagdis.

Modern lifestyle of Jaisalmer

On the other hand, people living in the city have become more modernized due to the obvious influence of the western culture and also to live up to the expectations of the different kinds of tourists coming to Jaisalmer year-round. Most of the younger generations of the Maharajas have been educated abroad who have carried back the western culture with them. With a majority of the havelis and palaces inside the fort converted into high-end luxury hotels and restaurants operated by the royal family decedents, these hotels exuberate a mix of traditional and modern lifestyles.

Spas in Jaisalmer

Nearly all luxury and deluxe hotels in Jasialmer offer spa facilities to cater to the needs of its tourists. There would hardly be any high-end hotel, not just in Jaisalmer but all over India, that would not have an in-house spa of its own. Apart from hotels, one would find spas across the city providing the highest level of services available. City people now spend lavishly in spas and massage parlors to maintain a modern lifestyle.

The Sujan Spa of the Serai luxury hotel is well known, while other high-end hotels and resorts such as Hotel Brys Fort, Desert Tulip Hotel & Resort, Suryagargh and Royal Desert Safari Resort and Camp all have their own, elaborate in-house spas.

Lifestyle in Jaisalmer

Fitness Clubs and Centers in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is in some ways extremely conservative but its people are not too far behind in health awareness. Health centers and health clubs are increasingly seen growing in numbers, educating more and more locals about leading a modern and healthy lifestyle. Natives, specially the youth, have developed a culture of going to gymnasiums and fitness centers to cultivate a healthy body.
Some renowned fitness centers of India operate in Jaisalmer, including Talwalkars and Gold’s Gym.
Meanwhile, people who prefer other methods of staying healthy can choose from an array of meditation centers and yoga centers across Jaisalmer.
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