Healthcare Facilities in Jaisalmer

Healthcare Facilities in Jaisalmer

Jasialmer has come a long way in its healthcare system with the inclusion of all possible modern amenities of the highest standard to provide its residents with the best medical facilities of modern times. Upgrading the city’s medical system was very important also considering the fact that it is a tourist hotspot, and visitors from not just India but the entire world flock to Jaisalmer every year. Such varied mix of people entering the city necessitated upgrade of the city’s healthcare system.

Public hospitals as well as private nursing homes in Jaisalmer are equipped with latest medical infrastructural facilities so that patients can avail the best health services of today. All the hospitals boast of highly skilled groups of doctors, professionally trained nurses and very helpful staffs who are always ready to assist ailing patients and their families.

Jaisalmer’s hospitals and nursing homes have the all the requisite medical equipment that are needed to carry out medical procedures on patients. Another thing the city’s hospitals have been applauded for is their hygienic conditions.

Public Hospitals in Jaisalmer

Unlike other government hospitals, the public healthcare facilities in Jaisalmer offer top-notch services and are known for rendering the best services to its people.

Shri Jawahir Hospital, the main government hospital in the district, is one of the most famous healthcare facilities in the district. The 150-bed hospital caters to the needs of all kinds of patients coming from different backgrounds. Shri Jawahir Hospital specializes in domains including Pediatrics, Gynecology, Opthalmology, E.N.T, Orthopedics and Radiology. The hospital is known for providing outstanding medical facilities to the less fortunate section of people and has a blood bank of its own.

Another famous public hospital in the region is S.J. Hospital, which also offers top class medical assistance to ailing patients. It is situated in Jaisalmer’s Gandhi Marg.

Shri Jawahir Hospital

Address: Hanuman Circle, Court Road, Jaisalmer
Phone: +91-2992-251335, 252343

S.J. Hospital

Address: Hanuman Chauraha, Jaisalmer HO, Jaisalmer,
Phone: +91-2992-251335, +91-2992-252343

Private Hospitals in Jaisalmer

As today’s trend goes, people prefer availing treatments and services at private hospitals for various reasons. Though private hospitals are much more expensive compared to government hospitals, people tend to resort to nursing homes in hope of better medical facilities. The scenario is somewhat similar in Jaisalmer too. There are a few very well know private hospitals in the city, such as Sri Maheswari Hospital and New Rajasthan Hospital.

Sri Maheswari Hospital

Address: Barmer Road, Jaisalmer Ho, Jaisalmer
Phone: +91-9414204591

New Rajasthan Hospital

Address: Gandhi Colony, Jaisalmer Ho, Jaisalmer
Phone: +91-2992-292534; +91-9462063986, 9772668379, 9772636407
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