Business and Economy in Jaisalmer

During the rule of Maharawal Jaisal Singh, Jaisalmer rose to great heights as it was the first huge civilization for traders coming from the west. They were undoubtedly attracted to the whims of a palatial city like Jaisalmer, after a sun-scorched journey through the Thar. It became a major hub for trade and commerce with European and western Asian countries. Jaisalmer was also part of the famous "Silk Road". In modern times, the city adapted to the technological advancements yet retaining it's ancient charm through small scale industries.

Business and Economy of Jaisalmer

Industries in Jaisalmer

The main industries in the city of Jaisalmer are stone carving, hand-loom, mining and tourism. In handloom, the local weavers mainly use wool to weave fabric. Industries are mainly small scale and are located in the RIICO industrial area. The other industrial areas lie alongside Pokharan where salt is the predominant industry, sourcing raw materials from the salty areas of Kanod Rin, Gudi Rin and Pokharan Rin.

Minerals and mining are the main industries of the region. The main stones mined here are Yellow marble, Sandstone, Limestone, granite, Rock Phosphate, Dolomite, Bentonite and Masonry stone. The Khuiala region is famous for high quality limestone that is used as raw material in cement industry. Mining activities are overseen by mining departments of Rajasthan State Mines and Minerals Ltd and Rajasthan State Mineral development Corporation Ltd.

Tourism is another major industry in Jaisalmer. The forts, temples and Havelis are the main attractions for tourists. The city also has a government museum. Tourists can take excursions to Badabag, Amar Sagar, Gadsisar Lake, Akal Wood Fossils Park and enjoy life on the sand dunes, living in camps or taking camel rides. Tourism activities are mainly coordinated by Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. Its Desert Festivals are hugely popular.

Industrial & Economic Prospects: A Bright Tomorrow

Recently the discovery of natural gases below Jaisalmer's crust has come a big news for the government and industries, who are waiting to commercial exploit resources. This will lead to more industries setting up their branches here in the future. The INGP Region of Jaisalmer shows prospects for oil mills, agro-based industries such as dal mills etc.

Jaisalmer is a windy area and is an ideal location to set up wind energy farms. With ample sunshine and very little rainfall, it is also ideal for solar photovoltaic projects. Suzlon and NALCO have already set up wind mill farms in the area. In recent times infrastructure development is really taking off and international companies such as SNC-Lavalin are quite active here.

Future of Jaisalmer's Economy

Winds of change are sweeping across the nation and Jaisalmer too is undergoing a transformation. Once at the crossroads of international trade on the overland trade route, Jaisalmer receded into the background and thrived on minerals and tourism. However, it will re-surge with dynamic infrastructure building and opening up of BPOS and property development as well as industries and hopefully, gas based projects too.

In short Jaisalmer is on the paths of a bright future through flourishing business and skyrocketing profits in the different high-profile business sectors which will gradually allow it to become independent from small scale cottage industries.
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