Administrative Setup of Jaisalmer

Administration in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is the largest district in terms of area in the Jodhpur Division of Rajasthan. The District Magistrate and Collector carries out administration in the district, who is also the head of district administration. 
The Collector bears the responsibility of administrative control and monitoring of Jaisalmer District, and is assisted by an Additional District Magistrate as well as an Additional District Magistrate (Development), who acts as the chief executive officer of the Zila Parishad.

In order carry out administration and development in the district, Jaisalmer is divided into four subdivision, Jaisalmer, Fatehgarh, Pokaran and Bhaniyana; and four Tehsils, Jaisalmer, Fatehgarh and Pokaran and Bhaniyana. Meanwhile, three Panchayat Samities, namely Jaisalmer, Sankara and Sam, look after the developmental activities of the district.

All in all, Jaisalmer comprises of 813 revenue villages and 128 Gram panchayats.

At A Glance

Sub Divisions – 4 (Jaisalmer, Fatehgarh, Pokaran and Bhaniyana)
Tehsils – 4 (Jaisalmer, Fatehgarh, Pokaran and Bhaniyana)
ILR Circles – 16
Patwar Circles – 139
Revenue Villages – 813
Gram Panchayats – 128

Panchayati Raj

The advent of Panchayati Raj led to the creation of three Block Panchayat Samities in the district, Jaisalmer, Sankra (headquarters Pokaran) and Sam (headquarters Jaisalmer) along with its 128 Gram Panchayats. The Gram Panchayats have been functioning in the district and are governed by the Zila Parishad under the Chairmanship of the Zila Pramukh, and is administratively supervised by the District Collector who is the ex-officio District Development officer.

Functionalities of Panchayat Samities

The main objective of the Panchayati Samities is to encourage development activities at the block level as well as supervise execution of schemes in certain areas. Subsequent to the restructuring of Panchayati Raj, Zila Parishads, Panchayat Samities and Gram Panchayats have been given the authority to work independently taking into consideration the necessities and requirements of the development arrangements in their respective areas.

At A Glance

Development Blocks – 3 (Jaisalmer, Sankra and Sam)
Nagar Parishad/Palika – 2 (Jaisalmer and Pokaran)
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